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Corporate Member

Become a Corporate Member

Corporate Membership is open to all multinational companies operating in Europe who abide by the Seldia Codes of Conduct and are members of at least three DSAs in membership of the Association.

Seldia membership provides the opportunity to:

  • gain access to information on EU legislative developments affecting the direct selling industry;
  • influence the EU legislative agenda;
  • benefit from access to Seldia‘s legal expertise in EU affairs;
  • become involved in Seldia’s Legal Affairs committee and so influence its lobbying actions;
  • be part of Seldia’s influential Companies Committee;
  • network with colleagues at European CEO’s meetings;
  • gain access to Seldia website’s private section and its Legal  Compendium;
  • obtain statistical information on direct selling in Europe (statistics);
  • in co-operation with local DSAs become involved in resolving challenging issues

For more information, contact the Seldia office at

New Members

25 March 2014
Today, Seldia, the European Direct Selling Association welcomed the direct selling company PM International and the Kazakh Direct Selling Association (DSA) as new members. These two new members bring total membership to 44, of which 28 national DSA’s and 16 companies.
“Seldia’s growth is in sync with the success of our sector” explains Maurits Bruggink, Seldia’s Executive Director. “Direct selling has grown consistently over the last 5 years in Europe as the social and economic climate is changing in favour of entrepreneurship and personal development. Our current sales of €20billion in Europe are an indicator of our strength.”
Fast growing PM International is the third German company to become member in less than two years, following the joining of LR Health & Beauty Systems and Energetix in 2012. The Kazakh DSA is the 5th DSA of a non-EU member state to become member of Seldia.
“The growth of the Kazakh direct selling market is well above EU average” says Bruggink, ”I expect from the joining of the Kazakh DSA that we see further synchronisation in terms of trading standards and practices, as well as regulations. This will make it easier and transparent for companies to trade and invest in Kazakhstan. Seldia members will now also benefit from a local contact point.”
“PM International has recognised the benefits of joining Seldia” concludes Bruggink, ”As voice of the direct selling industry in Brussels, we not only engage in advocacy, but provide companies with counsel on regulatory issues in the EU and individual member states. This is possible through our network of 28 national member DSA’s. We are looking forward to welcome PM International at the Seldia annual European Direct Selling Conference on 2 October in Brussels!”





France is the largest market for direct selling in Europe
Europe(*)  is the 2nd largest market in the world
More statistics can be found here

Save the date !


The 4th Annual Round Table on the Future of Direct Selling & 
the Astra Awards Ceremony
will take place in Brussels on 
Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd of October 2014 
Mark the date in your agenda and watch for more information 
on this benchmark event for the direct selling industry in Europe

WFDSA World Congress XIV


Direct Selling, the Original Social Network
November 10,11,12  2014
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
New Technologies, Entrepreneurship and new labor relationships, industry advocacy, new market opportunities, growth, are amongst the many topics which will be debated during the 14th World Congress organised by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations and the Brazilian Direct Selling Association.
More information here

Service Providers

The Services Provider Program is designed for companies which provide products and/or services to the direct selling industry and would like to offer their services to direct selling businesses in Europe.


  • Facilitate contacts and exchange of information between Seldia Services Providers and direct selling companies entering one or more European markets;
  • Develop a database of contacts amongst European suppliers of products/services to the direct selling industry;
  • Increase Seldia's visibility by enlarging the scope of its services;

How it works

Companies interested to become Services Provider of Seldia will submit an application to Seldia; this application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at one of its meetings, or by written procedure. The decision will be taken according to the rules prescribed in the Seldia Articles and/Seldia Bye-Laws.



For more information, please contact Marie Lacroix at

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