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Corporate Membership is open to all multinational companies operating in Europe who abide by the Seldia Codes of Conduct and are members of at least three DSAs in membership of the Association.

Seldia membership provides the opportunity to:

  • gain access to information on EU legislative developments affecting the direct selling industry;
  • influence the EU legislative agenda;
  • benefit from access to Seldia‘s legal expertise in EU affairs;
  • become involved in Seldia’s Legal Affairs committee and so influence its lobbying actions;
  • be part of Seldia’s influential Companies Committee;
  • network with colleagues at European CEO’s meetings;
  • gain access to Seldia website’s private section and its Legal  Compendium;
  • obtain statistical information on direct selling in Europe (statistics);
  • in co-operation with local DSAs become involved in resolving challenging issues

For more information, contact the Seldia office at

Amway America's 28th Largest Private Company

The 2011 list of America’s Largest Private Companies, our 27th list, had 212 companies, down from 223 in 2010. Despite the drop, combined revenues this year are $1.33 trillion versus $1.35 trillion a year ago. Cargill and Koch Industries took the number one and number two spots, respectively, as they did last year. These two companies will be hard to unseat, their revenues far exceed the next closest companies. However there were a few new faces in the top ten due to two notable exits. Hospital operator HCA, ranked number four in 2010, became a public company, trading under the ticker HCA, on March 10, 2011.  Iconic carmaker Chrysler was no longer eligible for our list when Fiat increased its stake to 53.5% in June. Taking their spots are Love’s Travel S tops & Country Stores (No. 7) and US Foods No. 10).

In total seven companies exited our list via an IPO, companies like Booz Allen (BAH) and Freescale Semiconductor (FSL). Other drop offs simply didn’t make the $2 billion cut off. Electronics wholesaler Ma Labs reported revenues of $1950 for their most recent fiscal year. Public or foreign companies acquired a handful of companies. And in the case of DeBruce Grain, it was bought by The Gavilon Group, another private company. The acquisition was completed in January.

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